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Common traits of business owners
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  • Australian tax advisory and structuring - small business CGT concessions, consolidations, private rulings and tax planning


  • International tax advice - double tax treaties, foreign branches, foreign subsidiaries, cross border transactions

  • Cloud accounting specialists


  • Business planning sessions to develop and align key strategies and business objectives


  • Family business coaching to ensure everyone is moving in the same direction


  • Business financials and income tax return preparation


  • Business valuations

We are passionate about business, just like you.


Our clients range from small business owners with a vision to think big to large multi national businesses looking to deliver maximum shareholder value.


We take the time to understand the challenges and needs that are unique to your business. FMA  provide tailored solutions to help business owners achieve their goals faster



A lack of planning. We all know we should do it, but when we sit down with clients to work through business planning we often hear that it’s the first time business owners have ever taken time out from their business to think about the future. In fact, it’s our experience that most business owners spend more time planning their holidays than they ever do planning their business! 


Accountability. With no-one to hold them accountable, we often see business owners falling into complaceny. In our experience, most business owners know the basic things they need to do to improve their business but often they don't do anything about it. The clients that work closely with us in almost every instance continually out perform their business of yesterday.


Numbers. We find many of our business clients are excellent at doing the things that the business does but they do struggle to understand their numbers. That is understandable – business owners don't go into business to do bookkeeping and very few have any formal training. Of course, this is where we step in to help and cloud accounting is making it even easier for us to do that in a timely manner. Real time advisory is powerful and it is here now!



The world is changing at a fast pace and whole industries are inline for disruption as technology opens up new ways of doing business. Don't be left behind, get in contact with us and act now to future proof your business and maximise the lifestyle you work so hard for.

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