Virtual CFO

How could a Virtual CFO work in your business?

From start up’s with the courage to grow, to big business with existing finance teams, the Virtual Chief Financial Officer (VCFO) is the perfect solution to elevate your business to new heights.


You get all the benefits of a Chief Financial Officer without the significant cost of employing a full time, qualified CFO.  Below are just a few of the VCFO activities that FMA Partners offers clients that could be making your business a better business today.


Have the confidence to think big and know that you are supported to make the right decisions for your business.

Talk to us today to see how the FMA Partners Virtual CFO service can transform your business.


How do we add value?
  • Work closely with the owners and management to align finance with the strategic focus of the company


  • Provide performance reports prepared and tailored for owners & management


  • Conduct regular meetings with owners and management teams to discuss business performance


  • Create process efficiencies to improve business performance


  • Coach and empower internal finance teams to add more value within their existing roles

  • Improve understandings of the links between operations & financial performance


  • Facilitate board meetings by setting up the process, attendance, document minutes


  • Prepare and discuss ‘what if’ scenarios to develop informed decision making


  • Prepare budgeting and cash flow analysis


  • Facilitate business planning and strategy meetings